We can't investigate it if we don't know it's happening

Help us shine the light of truth


What do we do?

Our mission is to find the truth so that we can pursue justice.

What does that mean?

We intend to convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent. 

We are investigating networks of abuse and corruption within the Church, developing evidence against them, and working to expose and eliminate them.

What is our ultimate goal?

We must purify the Church and restore faith in her. We need to set the record straight, and to do so we need to be able to prove both real guilt and true innocence. 

How will we do it?

We do not set out to prove particular allegations, but to prove what the truth is. 

The evidence and facts may prove the original allegation is correct, or completely refute the original allegation. Either way, the truth must be found, and it must be proclaimed.

How can you help?

While we can't possibly investigate every single incident of criminal and Canonical violations within the Catholic Church, we need to know where there are legitimate accusations, so we can effectively determine the most viable cases to pursue in order of importance.

What do we do with your info?

Our triage process requires that we learn everything we can about a particular matter, vet that information based on the possibility of existing physical evidence, potential victims or witnesses to be interviewed, and the possibility of access to the accused wrongdoer. The totality of that data will determine which cases we can immediately pursue.

Let Us Know

If you have relevant information about abuse of any kind taking place within the Catholic Church