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"The wicked... are like chaff which the wind drives away"

Hope, not Hypocrisy

As Catholics active within our parishes and communities, we have all known holy Catholic priests and religious, whom we admire and respect for their unwavering commitment to the faith. 

The Catholic Church has countless dedicated clerics whose lives are entirely dedicated to the mission of saving souls, but, unfortunately, there are also far too many wolves-in-sheep's-clothing who have abused their positions within the Church for personal gain, personal pleasure, or personal power.

Every dollar we receive will be spent identifying, isolating, and eliminating the scourge of wayward and unrepentant prelates and clergy who have been able to conceal their crimes through deception and silence. 

We need your help to end this evil. We need your help to heal the Church. 

Dividing wheat from the chaff

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