"The work of His hands are truth and justice" Psalm 111:7

Proclaiming the truth



We record our work so that the public can see our evidence and validate our findings. We will give the target of each investigation an opportunity to respond to the allegation before publishing.



The results of all of our investigations will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for prosecution, whenever there is evidence of a crime.



Everything we uncover will be provided to the Church hierarchy in the US and the Vatican. We will also publicize what, if anything, Church officials do with the information we provide.

The C4T&J Mission

Identify Abuse

The Catholic Church has been thwarted by some within the hierarchy who have perpetrated heinous acts of sexual violence and financial crimes, while others secretly and cowardly protected these perpetrators. Through our investigative expertise, we are identifying the perpetrators.

Root out Corruption

We are all prone to self-preservation - even the Catholic hierarchy. History reveals to us that nothing changes unless secular authorities and the media get involved. We are presenting any evidence of criminal wrongdoing to the state, and cases of grave moral failing to the media.

Proclaim the Truth

C4T&J must also combat the poisonous portrayals of Catholicism in the secular media and show the Catholic Church as it truly is, at the forefront of the battle for purity around the world. 

Along with a dedicated team of media personalities, Hollywood filmmakers, producers, and production talent, we are capturing the investigations of religious orders, dioceses, Catholic universities, and sees.

C4T&J films evidence of the corruption so the world can see the perpetrators exposed, while at the same time we are highlighting the Church's faithful shepherds who courageously seek to sanctify the world. 

C4T&J seeks to restore the laity’s faith in Church hierarchy, and help non-Catholics know what true Catholicism is, distinct from the corrupt individuals whose only loyalty is to personal power.

C4T&J Team

The C4T&J Team

Our Investigators:

  • Share over a century of combined investigative experience with elite local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, and other investigative bodies.
  • Have spent decades investigating the most notorious criminal enterprises in modern history (Italian mafia in New York, the Cali Cartel in Colombia, and Al Qaeda and ISIS cells in the Middle East), and they're now working to uncover and unravel conspiracies within the Church.
  • Are working to protect the Church from the abusers and those who cover for them within the Church.
  • Are practicing Catholics who intend to uncover all incriminating and exculpatory evidence in order to find justice for the aggrieved, ensure the guilty are removed from their sacred offices, and those falsely accused are exonerated.
  • Build cases based on the FBI model of casework, which requires an unbiased disposition, a meticulous attention to detail, and a thorough documentation of the facts.

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Due to the sensitivity of the work of the C4T&J Team we prefer not to publish the specific biographies of the individual investigators. However, under appropriate circumstances, we can provide more detailed information upon request.

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